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About Us

Who We Are

Meet the Founder

My name is Tom Behling, and I’m the founder and President of “Mosquito Free Solutions.” This company was created and formed to meet customers’ needs for a relaxing season free of mosquito and pest-free summers. At a young age and with too many unwanted mosquito bites, I knew there must be a solution. This led me to the interest in providing an atmosphere of relaxation and outdoor time with family and friends without the dread of being bit. Not only are mosquito bites uncomfortable, but they can cause health issues for many people. So, Mosquito Free Solutions was founded.

As founder of the company, I research the health issues associated with Mosquito and other pest bites, keep updated on all the current treatment plans, and maintain education and state licensure. I research each yard and property options to ensure the best treatment plans to meet individual needs. To research the best treatment options, I created the system of “Pro Tech Max™.”

Pro Tech Max™ is an innovative system that has been created by the experience of combining techniques, pesticide-repellants, technician education, and workable solutions. This integrated mosquito management program is unique to my company. I coordinate the daily functions of scheduling, monitoring weather, and assuring it’s a suitable time for my customers to have their yard/property treated to their individual needs.

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A Little Bit About Tom Behling

My work history and broad experiences have given me the desire and abilities to be where I am now. As many know, at the end of graduation, one is unsure what direction to take. And life has given me many divergent career paths and opportunities laying the foundation for where I am now. I was a sound/light engineer and show manager for various bands and productions. This led me to the opportunity of being the sound engineer for my church for many years. I found myself with an interest in construction. I was allowed to work for various levels of construction, which eventually led me on the career path of owning my own tile construction company for many years. In these years of growing and developing, I taught myself all the aspects of technology to run a company, from payroll to creating the software program for the company.

Not only have I had these broad experiences and opportunities to build two successful companies, but I also have a family. My wife, Debbie, and I have been married for 43 years and married at a young age, and we have four children and five grandchildren. Family and my faith are the number one priority in my life. My hobbies include sailing and spending time with my family. As a volunteer and working for the local homeless shelter, it has allowed me to enrich others by sharing my life experiences and hopefully making a small difference in their lives.

In Conclusion

We are in the profession of making outdoor life better and safer for everyone! Our mission is to provide our customers with safe outdoor spaces free of mosquito annoyances and bites-No Mosquitoes here! Our customers’ enjoyment has measured our success as they enjoy a bite-free outdoor space, and we will continue to provide a high standard of outdoor living.

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