Don’t depend on just a barrier spray.

Pro Tech Max is our Exclusive Integrated Mosquito Management Program. 

Pro Tech Max was developed and perfected through years of experience and research. 

It is more than just a barrier spray. 

It is a comprehensive system that breaks the life cycle of mosquitoes. 

Keeping the disease carrying pest out of your outdoor living areas 

all season long. 

Four Stages Of Protection

1. Property Evaluation    2. Habitat Removal    

3. Larval Control    4. Adult Control

Recurring Pro Tech Max™ Mosquito Treatment

Application of the Pro Tech Max mosquito treatment is preformed every 21 days throughout the mosquito season. Season long contracts are available at discounted prices. 

(contracts are not required)

Special Event Mosquito Treatment

Special Events can include all kinds of outdoor functions, what they all have in common is unwanted guest Mosquitoes and Other Pest. 

We know how important your Special Event is to you and your guest, so we take extra care to weed out those pest.


One Time Pro Tech Max Mosquito Treatment

Application of the service is the same as our recurring treatment but is for people with vacation homes or will only need the protection for a limited time. The great  protection will last for 21 days or more.

No Contracts or Commitments

We never require you commit to a contract or long term agreement. 

Our customers stay with us because they love our service. All we ask is if you cancel service for any reason please let us know before we come out.

When Customers are happy, we are doing our job right. 100% customer satisfaction is our up most goal and we guarantee our service to the fullest. If between treatments you are bothered by mosquitoes. Call us and we will repeat our Pro Tech Max procedures, find the problem and retreat free of charge.

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