We are THE Solution to Your

Mosquito Problem!

As a protector of public health, Mosquito Free Solutions specializes and focuses solely on mosquito control. It takes specialized techniques, training, and equipment to effectively protect customers against the threat of mosquito-borne diseases.

We are in the profession of making outdoor life

better and safer for everyone!

Our mission is to provide our customers with safe outdoor spaces free of mosquito annoyances and bites - No Mosquitoes Here! We measure our success by the enjoyment you receive from a bite-free outdoor space. Warmer months are a time to bring families and friends together for barbecues, pool parties, and bonfires. Don’t let mosquitoes to ruin these special moments. From relaxing on the porch and patio to gardening, you deserve to be free of this annoying pest.

So leave the mosquito repellents, candles, and oil behind and let

Mosquito Free Solutions take the bite out of Summer.

Don’t Depend on just a Barrier Spray.

Pro Tech Max is our Exclusive Integrated Mosquito Management 

Pro Tech Max was developed and perfected through years experience and research. 

It is more than just a  

barrier spray; 

Pro Tech Max is a comprehensive system that breaks the life cycle of mosquitoes. Keeping the disease carrying pest out of your outdoor living areas all season long.

Your Yard is an Extention of Your Home

Not just another space. Your yard is a special place: a place to welcome guests, a place to unwind from our busy lives, a place for kids to play, a place to hear the birds sing, a place to enjoy friends and family, a place to renew the soul. Outdoors is a place to make memories! The largest smiles you will ever see and the loudest laughs you will ever hear are found outdoors.  

Have a PRO 

Give Your Outdoors Back to You Again.

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